neon letterpress holiday cards for the very talented photographer (and one of our favorite people) alison conklin and her family. alison came to us with a wish for a non-traditional holiday card that showcased her children and what she was thankful for this year. we loved this sentimental idea for this special time of year. we designed an over-sized square card with fluorescent lime and hot pink bold text on the front and a place for a cute photograph of her boys on the back. we used a variety of brightly colored striped washi tape to adhere the photos. the edges of the thick cranes lettra stock were painted fluorescent lime for that extra special detail. the cards were placed into a white envelope that was lined with a hot orange liner (our photos do not even do the color justice!!) which listed her thankful thoughts in some fun alternate fonts. the package was finished with a very cheery patterned address label.