we would like to introduce you to a new blog created by one of our friends! mindy + jillian are the authors behind the pink chalkboard! it is a fabulous collection of projects they have completed in their homes and things they love and are inspired by! congrats ladies!

here is a little excerpt from their first blog post, that we just adore:

Have you ever taken a moment and thought about the things that make you happy? We used to love reading the “10 Things That Make Me Happy” page in Domino magazine each month. Here is our happy list:
1. looking for unique finds and inspiration at Home Goods, Ikea, and Anthropologie

2. painting and repurposing old furniture
3. the colors poppy & aqua, and new favorite, yellow
4. ruffle-goodness
5. Sarah’s House on HGTV
6. Domino magazine (yes, we’ve mentioned it a few times already, but it was just so good)
7. pink peonies
8. polka dots
9. sparkly bits
10. having a friend to talk about it with