greetings loveleighs~ for this week’s post, i wanted to share last week’s field trip to paper meets press. cheyenne, danielle and i toured their new studio and i got to print my own invitations that i have been working on this summer! scott, the owner of paper meets press, did a fantastic job showing us the ropes of the printing process. letterpress is truly an art form and the process of creating these timeless pieces is long and involved…but worth the work. each individual print is pressed into the paper with care and it is amazing to see the whole process from start to finish.
this photo is just a snapshot from the studio. i absolutely loved looking at all the vintage typesetting tools and inks. i learned about some of these things in class and it was even better to see it in person. thank you scott and bo for letting us explore (and touch everything) in the studio.
“the dream is free, hustle is sold separately” ~ i found this to be especially true in the letterpress industry