happy monday loveleighs! for my post this week, i thought i’d share my nature-filled weekend. i took a workshop from blueredyellow on foraging natural colors and dyeing with plants. we took a hike and learned what plants had dyeing properties. i collected ferns, acorns, black walnut, smartweed, purple basil, and other plants found right here in philadelphia! it was eye-opening to learn that we have so many things around us that create such beautiful, natural colors.
the next day, we made our dyes to extract color from the plants we collected. as you can see, i dyed a silk scarf using ferns and acorns with a shibori technique. this whole process was so much fun and i learned more about nature and my surroundings in philadelphia. all of the colors we created were so inspiring and made fantastic color palettes that i will bring into my work with loveleigh!