last weekend’s excitingly warmer weather had me avoiding responsibilities briefly for a much needed breath of fresh air at wissahickon valley park. the park, which conveniently sits about 12 miles outside of center city, features beautiful hiking trails, natural waterfalls, and the valley green inn, which is a splendid stop for a delicious bite to eat. not only was this adventure a perfect way to destress from the week, but it also substituted as exercise without feeling like exercise at all! apart from the slightly muddy trails, i was able to enjoy being outdoors after being cooped up this winter, and pet an exorbitant amount of puppies along the way! but the best part was the fact that wifi was unreachable and i was able to remove myself without feeling guilty, which is something i always say i should do! sometimes it’s important to put down our devices and spend time with ourselves or loved ones when given the opportunity! the warm weather, and this trip, proved to be the perfect chance for me to finally do so!
until next time.