as someone who loves warm weather, i’ve been taking advantage of the changing temperatures around our city to get myself ready for spring. along with cute dresses and evenings outside, my mindset has completely changed, but i decided there was an additional thing i needed if i wanted to fully prepare myself for the warmth: ice cream! the weldon soda fountain, which sits amongst the adorably historic keswick village near my school, is a place i’ve passed on many occasions, so i decided to stop in this week and have ice cream for dinner (sorry mom!) not only was this place so photogenic, but i had such a hard time deciding my order because everything looked so delicious! from fun flavored ice cream sandwiches to old fashioned milkshakes, the options were nothing but satisfying for my sweet tooth! this is a necessary stop for those in the area, and i can’t wait to go back for a treat again soon!
until next time.