last weekend, my school’s annual cotillion (a fancier formal not quite on the same level as a high school prom) took place at the lively camden aquarium in camden, new jersey. while i’d once visited the aquarium as a spectator when i was young, this was the first time i was visiting this space other than to view the exciting creatures found within our oceans, and it happened to be with delicious food and fun dancing. it was imperative to dance the night away with some of my greatest friends, but it was even cooler to be in such an awesome event space like this one! not only were we snacking and chatting right beside sharks and gorgeous sea turtles, but we had an incredible view of philadelphia’s skyline right across the river as well (and i took way too many pictures of it). but the most important part of the night was the way we, meaning my friends and i, put aside our hectic individual lives to enjoy being together! nights out like this are important not only for the fun you have, but for the strengthening of bonds that always come out of it as a result.
until next time.