my most recent trip to new york city found me exploring new territory: brooklyn. new york city is somewhere i find myself frequently, but i spend the majority of my time in typical manhattan hot spots like central park and fifth avenue. i take most of my trips alongside one of my best friends, and without any sort of plan, we decided to head downtown during our last visit. while we have a bucket list specifically for the city, we had originally planned on tackling brooklyn sometime in the spring, but as we found ourselves right near the brooklyn bridge entrance with the sun shining brightly, we took the leap and headed across the river.
if you’ve never walked the brooklyn bridge before, i’d highly advise adding it to your list. while the bridge itself is a sight to see, the views from above the east river had me completely in awe, and the photo opportunities were endless! once across the bridge, we made our way towards the waterfront and stumbled upon the cutest cookie shop, one girl cookies, who’s cookies were to die for and was any instagram lover’s dream. with our snacks in hand and recommendations from the owner, our next stop found us at brooklyn bridge park. i swear i fell in love with new york all over again in that moment, and from a bench with delicious cookies, i never felt more content. dumbo (down under the manhattan bridge overpass) proved to be the perfect destination, and i’d never been happier that i decided to be spontaneous for a change!
it’s amazing how some of the best times in our lives occur without any sort of plan. sometimes it’s important that we step back from planners and appointments and just see where life takes us. i’m guilty of getting lost amidst a crazy schedule too often, but if i hadn’t embraced my spontaneity that day, i would’ve missed out on one of the best days i’ve ever had.
until next time.