last week, i had the incredible opportunity to visit a shop dedicated to the means of fair trade with one of my classes. the organization, entitled ten thousand villages, devotes their time and money to giving less fortunate artists, from around the world, a means to make money by selling their personally hand-crafted goods. from jewelry to home-ware, each piece has been made with love and incredible artistry, which makes the goods they’ve crafted that much more valuable. for these individuals, the sales end up being the only source of income they’re pulling in, and it got me thinking about the things in life we take for granted. i’ve been known to get lost in the overwhelming stresses of life, especially as a college student working hard to obtain my degree, but visiting this store has reminded me how fortunate i am. so not only do the goods help out a worthy cause, but they’re fabulously crafted as well! how cute is this wedding card from bangladesh?
until next time.