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happy friday loveleighs! for those of you who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself! my name is taylor, a college junior at arcadia university majoring in corporate communications, and i’ll be loveleigh invitations’ spring 2016 social media intern! as someone who loves all things stationery and design, i am jumping with excitement at the opportunity to work with the loveleighs this semester!
apart from weekly, work-related posts, chey and dee have decided to let me take the reigns on friday entries with a topic entirely of my choosing! from the first inclination of this project, the creative wheels began turning in my head. but with much excitement, of course, came a lot of jitters, because i want to do loveleigh invitations justice! but i knew that overcoming my nervousness in this situation would prove to be nothing but positive, and that really got me thinking…
what if i shed away from every opportunity that arised for me? what if i ignored the great things that could come out of being spontaneous just because i thought about it too hard? this has been something i’ve struggled with in the past, and have been trying to overcome, so why not take this opportunity to do just that! so the goal i’m setting for myself throughout this semester, is to do things each week that get me out of my comfort zone! i want to explore new places and sights. i want to explore new restaurants with food i’ve never thought to try. i want to explore new atmospheres and people. but most importantly, i want to inspire all of you, along with myself, to ignore everyday stress sometimes and enjoy life a little more!
so get ready to follow me on this magically spontaneous journey loveleighs! each week i’ll promise to push myself, as long as you’re willing to consider doing so as well! i can barely contain my excitement, and i hope you’ll stick around as this intern explores (see what i did there).
until next time.