thai-an and ted were married this past june at the beautiful woodlawn plantation in virginia. they wanted a very elegant, formal look yet, integrating branches, leaves and some cherry blossoms! they also wanted to include some elements of the japanese lanterns that were going to be part of the decor for the evening. they had a very calming color palette of slate blues and grays. we had a great time designing and assembling all the pieces that went into this elaborate package!
invitation, 5″x 7″ 3-color letterpressed, 1-sided
rsvp postcard, 4″x 6″ 2-color letterpressed, 2-sided
direction/accommodation card, 4″x6″ 1-color letterpressed, 2-sided
seal, 2″x 2″ 2-color letterpressed, 1-sided
letterpressed by boxcar press