special wednesday edition of inspiration here! we walked into the national stationery show for the first time on monday morning bright eyed and eager to be surrounded by the best of the best in the paper world. it was like a dream! there were aisles beyond aisles of displays, overflowing with the most beautiful invitations, notebooks, cards, packaging and prints. letterpress, foil stamping and patterns upon patterns all seem to be the hottest trends. there was so much to take in, but exciting to turn each corner to see another thoughtful booth display. the creative atmosphere also felt very personal as we talked to vendors, artists, and printers that we’ve read about on blogs. we made some meaningful relationships and are looking forward to grow as a company and have our own loveleigh line of goodies someday! here are a few collections from some of our favorite displays and vendors. part two is coming tomorrow!

dauphine press.

printerette press.

pistachio press.

smock. / boxcar press. / bella figura.

&#257lee and press.

elements, jill schwartz.

blackbird letterpress.

chewing the cud.

seed house.