thanks to kimberly + beka from styled. we have fallen in love with lovely bridal shop in nyc. everything about their website/blog is stunning. if only we knew about them when we both were planning our weddings!
obviously we love their name (!) and we especially love how they describe themselves: Lovely is a word often used to describe things that are just so fantastic, they make your heart warm. Like sparklers and ice cream trucks. Vintage toys and Polaroids. So when we decided to open a bridal store, with romantic gowns, adorable designers, and an atmosphere that will make you swoon, we could only imagine using one word to name it: Lovely.

Lovely is a bridal shop that feels like your best friend. You’ll feel cozy and at home, play dress up with our bridal stylists, and leave feeling like you had the best time and bought the best dress. Because we know the experience AND the dress should both be Lovely.
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