happy 11.11.11! because dee’s husband, pat, had shoulder surgery this morning we have collected some fabulous items for any friend or loved one that is in need of cheering up due to an illness or recovery.

{a} send an adorable get well wish by auri cards + pouches; {b} cool down a fever with this robert gordon colorful, vintage icepack; {c} get some giggles with these mustache band aids from archie mcphee; {d} send your love with a stunning bouquet from sullivan owen; {e} heal aches + pains with this homemade rice heating pad by just another hang up; {f} cheer up any patient with vanilla and baileys get well cupcakes by cutie cupcakes; {g} perfect reading material for any sicky with style, the perfectly imperfect home, how to decorate & live well by deborah needleman