it’s that time when we begin thinking about the new year to come — and how to stay organized! everyone has their own preferences when it comes to calendars and daily planners, whether it hangs on the wall or can fit into your pocket. here is a compilation of some of our fave ways to keep your life in check!

{a} if you love to see the whole year at a glance the antionette wall calendar from rifle paper co. is for you; {b} fill in all of your daily routines in the tomorrow planner by poketo; {c} the non-planner datebook is the right choice if you always need that extra little space for doodles or thoughts; {d} the kate desk calendar would be the perfect foil stamped accessory for your office desk, by sugar paper la; {e} you will always know the date with this interactive wood shuffle desktop calendar from urban outfitters; {f} the paper-source academic date book is the perfect find for those busy folks that need 18 months of space; {g} turn an entire wall into an organized week with these vinyl chalkboard decals from simple shapes.