happy earth day! eco-conscious design has become so much more beautiful and thoughtful these days. we’d like to share a few green pieces that you and the earth would love.

{a} serve up some bbq on these patterned bamboo plates by viva terra; {b} celebrate your connection with earth and water with anthropolgie’s aquatic life tee, illustrated by niki kelce; {c} this recycled flip flop doormat would cheer up any bathroom, by keetsa; {d} these recycled canvas buckets make the perfect container for a plant or gift, by chewing the cud; {e} give a plantable card that can be enjoyed for the rest of season, by of the earth; {d} enjoy drinks on the patio on this valencia teak chair, by viva terra, made from sustainably grown plantations; {g} this cork bowl by re:modern is such a decorative container, perfect for fruit. we love cork as a design material since it’s made from bark and is easily renewable.