hi loveleighs! for those of you who don’t know me, my name is brooke and i’m going to be loveleigh invitations’ fall 2015 social media and marketing intern. i’m in my last semester at penn state abington, majoring in corporate communications and minoring in socializing. in my spare time i love being with family and friends, putting on my dancing shoes, taking short walks to the fridge and binge watching netflix.
every monday i will be writing an original blog post consisting of a photograph (taken by yours truly), a saying for the week (anything from a quote, song lyric, to something i came up with myself) and how i put it to use. these sayings are meant to inspire, motivate and/or simply make you smile.
i thought of this particular one while driving to my first day at my internship. i played a lot during the summer – i went on vacation, out with friends and to many concerts and events. i don’t intend to stop playing in the fall, but i do plan on getting to work – at school, my internship and my new seasonal management position.
all work and no play is a drag, but playing hard and working harder leads to happiness and success. at least so far it has for me.
ttynm (talk to you next monday)!