happy monday loveleighs!  this past weekend i officially started my seasonal management job at the eastern state penitentiary’s haunted house, terror behind the walls! i work for a company called sharpshooter imaging and we are responsible for taking and selling photographs at this creepy, scary, super fun and thrilling event. people from all over the world travel here to experience one of the most haunted attractions in the country.
my job technically began a few weeks ago starting with hiring new employees, doing interviews, filling out paperwork, doing training and setting up our area of work. laying in bed one night i thought to myself, “there is not enough time in the day.” feeling stressed and a little overwhelmed, i went on pinterest looking for some inspirational words, which led me to this saying.
all of us living human beings have something in common: we are given 86,400 seconds in a day. what we choose to do with them is ultimately up to us. we don’t have a chance to rewind or start over, but if you’re lucky, you get another 86,400 seconds when you wake up tomorrow.
in the next few weeks 2,419,200 seconds of my life will all be terror time!