happy happy monday loveleighs! as it feels more and more like fall, we start to feel the summertime blues. sure it’s sad when summer ends, but why can’t we look forward to the fall? here are some of my absolute favorite things about this vibrant season:
-the beautiful colors
-the cool breezes
-open windows
-the smell of bonfires at night
-comfy sweatshirts + fuzzy socks
-sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate
-the pretty seasonal decor
-football + hockey season starts
halloweentown + hocus pocus are on tv pretty much everyday
-candy is socially acceptable to eat for every meal
-pumpkin spice everything
-we gain an hour of precious sleep (the best part!)
if this list didn’t help your summertime sadness, look at it this way, we are one season closer to next summer. but be sure to soak in each seasons beauty (and extra hour of sleep)!