{ pictured above: some of my awesome staff from sharpshooter imaging at terror behind the walls! }
is it already monday loveleighs?!
october is by far the craziest month for me this semester – from working (and loving) my internship, managing at tbtw (terror behind the walls) and getting all of my school work done on time. i may act like a clown sometimes, but i’m not very good at juggling many things at once.
this past week i struggled to find a motivational quote that worked for me, until i thought back to when i started hiring people for terror: i came up with the idea to create a ‘motivational masterpiece’ board that everyone could contribute a quote, saying or lyric to. this board is hung inside of our booth and will be available for the employees to see when they start feeling tired or unmotivated while on the job.
that, my fabulous loveleighs, is where i came up with the concept to make your own motivation. there are things in life that we don’t want to do, but we have to. or there are things in life that we want, but lose motivation along the way. you can think of a thousand excuses to not do something or stop going after what you want, but if you make your own motivation to get you through these rough patches, it won’t be as bumpy of a ride!