{ quote by: benjamin dover }

happy tuesday loveleighs! i finished my seasonal job this past saturday and am already starting to feel a little nostalgic. although this last month and a half has been nothing short of crazy, i wouldn’t trade the days spent with some of the most hardworking, caring individuals i have ever met.
the photo pick up booth (pictured above) has been my home for the last few weeks. here i have formed new relationships with co-workers (and zombies), gained valuable work experience and grew as a person.
change has a way of making me feel scared or sad – sad because it’s over and scary because a new journey is about to take place. i’ve slowly started to realize that it’s alright to reminisce about the past, but to not break your neck staring at it. memories have been made and more await!
these next 38 days will be filled with focusing on my internship, prepping for graduation and starting to look for a full-time job in my field….time sure does fly!