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but first, let me take a deskie.


this morning i set up my brand new marble + gold foil desk calendar from paper-source (a gift from my dear friend kathryn, owner of life in motion + nine li9ns). i just love it’s little wooden easel! little by little i am getting myself organized in this new year. i love having a calm desk. you can really be so much more productive with a little less clutter + a little lavender flame!

but first, let me take a deskie.


introducing our latest posts…straight from the tops of our very own desks. we both surround ourselves with pretty things in our work space, so why not share it?! i still have a glittery mess of celebration decorations from my mother’s fabulous 70th birthday party strewn about from last weekend. i’m not ready to put everything away just yet because it was such an unforgettable day for the number one lady in my life. excited to feature her full invitation here soon!

the intern explores: center city.


happy friday loveleighs! ahhh, my first journey through the work of interning with loveleigh, and what a journey it was! i’m a city girl, always have been and always will be, but through my short time working in philadelphia thus far, i’ve come to realize how little i’ve actually explored of the city. so i thought, what better way to kick off my weekly posts than by exploring loveleigh’s very own backyard!

along with a group of seven of the greatest friends i have, we set off to the city with no real plan. while our first stop was shake shack on sansom, a place i’ve come to frequent a lot, we took our fries to go and walked towards the seaport. the weather proved to be exceptionally lovely that day, and so we spent some time basking in the natural breeze before making our way to city hall. we were surprised to find ice skating still running in dilworth park, but decided to give it a try and laced up our skates. multiple crashes occurred, of course, but much laughter occurred as well. we started our day a little later, so the sun had begun to set at this point, but the sunset combined with the atmosphere of good friends made the day magical. we finished off our day in rittenhouse square with a box of goodies from insomnia cookies, which i, as a sweet lover, had surprisingly never had before (but will make sure to have again in the future). at this point, we couldn’t stop yawning, but what better way to rate the success of your day!

growing up in the suburbs has found me in center city numerous times before, but i don’t think i’d ever had as much fun. every trip to the city i’ve had was predetermined, so the freedom that came from this spontaneous trip was something i didn’t realize i needed. i was able to not only ignore my stressful college lifestyle for a bit with friends, and ended up seeing center city in an entirely new way! so i’m leaving you with the idea of being spontaneous, loveleighs. sometimes a good time can start with exploring your own surroundings!

until next time.

the intern explores: a hello.

IMG_0061 edit

happy friday loveleighs! for those of you who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself! my name is taylor, a college junior at arcadia university majoring in corporate communications, and i’ll be loveleigh invitations’ spring 2016 social media intern! as someone who loves all things stationery and design, i am jumping with excitement at the opportunity to work with the loveleighs this semester!

apart from weekly, work-related posts, chey and dee have decided to let me take the reigns on friday entries with a topic entirely of my choosing! from the first inclination of this project, the creative wheels began turning in my head. but with much excitement, of course, came a lot of jitters, because i want to do loveleigh invitations justice! but i knew that overcoming my nervousness in this situation would prove to be nothing but positive, and that really got me thinking…

what if i shed away from every opportunity that arised for me? what if i ignored the great things that could come out of being spontaneous just because i thought about it too hard? this has been something i’ve struggled with in the past, and have been trying to overcome, so why not take this opportunity to do just that! so the goal i’m setting for myself throughout this semester, is to do things each week that get me out of my comfort zone! i want to explore new places and sights. i want to explore new restaurants with food i’ve never thought to try. i want to explore new atmospheres and people. but most importantly, i want to inspire all of you, along with myself, to ignore everyday stress sometimes and enjoy life a little more!

so get ready to follow me on this magically spontaneous journey loveleighs! each week i’ll promise to push myself, as long as you’re willing to consider doing so as well! i can barely contain my excitement, and i hope you’ll stick around as this intern explores (see what i did there).

until next time.

terrain bridal open house + bhldn trunk show.

loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-1 loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-2 loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-4 loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-5 loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-25loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-18loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-19loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-17loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-10loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-11loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-9loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-6loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-8loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-7loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-12loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-20loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-21loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-23loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-26loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-15loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-16loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-22loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-14loveleigh-invitations-terrain-bhldn-bridal-show-2015-27

we spent saturday afternoon meeting with fabulous brides at terrain‘s bridal open house + bhldn trunk show. we were surrounded by the natural beauty of their garden shed which we shared with bhldn, terrain decorating servicesbario neal jewelry, calista grand salonmaggpie vintage rentals, the midnighters bandweckerly’s ice cream, aromaflage fragrance, and we laugh we love photography. brides could grab a delicious (not to mention beautiful) bite, try on stunning bhldn gowns and get a taste of what their event would look like at terrain. we shared our freshest invites and encouraged brides to dabble in watercolor at our diy make + take table to create their own custom thank you notes. we ended our day with a spritzer, some of their famous clay pot bread and a little shopping. it was such a great day and we can’t wait to work with all of ladies (and gents) we met!

south africa.

hi all! cheyenne here, back from an incredible trip to south africa. south africa is my first home and i haven’t been back in 20 years. besides the amazing reunion with cousins, aunts, uncles and friends; my husband and i explored quite a bit of the spectacular natural environments from the bush to the sea. we cuddled lion cubs, fed elephants, went shark cage diving, and enjoyed way too much of the local cuisine and wine! it was tough to leave such a beautiful country, but i’m feeling very inspired and refreshed…

last week: sneak peek.

we were delighted to be the featured stationer at appleford’s open house held on thursday, september 22nd. stephen starr events hosted the night with a delicious tasting as usual. the setting was gorgeous… styled creative decorated the tented veranda with shabby chic ribbons and chandeliers and sullivan owen dressed up the room with vintage style roses arranged in mini mint julip cups. sarah dicicco, cinemacake filmmakers, and little baby’s ice cream were just a few of the other talents of the night.

this week: sneak peek.

snapshots of inspiration we were given for a bright, bold wedding invite that we are working on this week!
as we revamp our blog and focus on designing our website — we’ll be posting things that inspire our design process or just make us happy. this will be in addition to our weekly posts of completed work of course!

blogging workshop with joy.

our minds were saturated with inspiration and social media tidbits at the ohjoy! rx workshop we attended monday night at moore college of art. we were so lucky to get a spot — the workshop hosted by aiga philly sold out that same day!
the 3 hour workshop was fantastic. we sat among the most stylish group of 40 talented ladies. joy was everything we’d thought she be — cute, interesting and pregnant! she spoke so eloquently and her presentation was invaluable.
we left that night with many new ideas as we design our website and brand new blog, joy’s adorable notebooks, 40 business cards and many new friends in philly and the blogging world. we look forward to collaborating with many of these ladies on future projects.
look out for more regular and themed posts!

top image provided by ohjoy!

sarah + peter.

fun, cute, and clever save-the-date illustrated by our friend and former classmate, peter wonsowki. we couldn’t keep this one to ourselves! if you didn’t notice the monogram right away… look closely to see the girl’s S-shaped twisting body with her P-shaped dancing partner, and W created by the broadway lights behind. looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for their invitation package!