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cheers to new beginnings.


this beautiful space was so good to us. this room was flooded with the most incredible light + even better memories. however, the end of this month brings the end of an era for us. . . if you haven’t heard the news through insta stories, we have moved! september is for new beginnings + we start loveleigh’s next chapter in fishtown, pennsylvania. we are sharing a cheery, wide-open loft with our friends + uber talented wedding photographers, love me do photography. thank you to gina sole, for being the best roomie/landlord we could ask for over the past eight years. you provided us with our first space to establish our brand (that wasn’t a coffee shop!) we will miss you, xoxo.

we can’t wait to share photos with you all when we are all set up. cheers to what’s to come!


which way’s the beach?!


loveleigh will be closed tomorrow through next week for vacation { hooray! } we are heading to the beach for some much needed family time!  we have a little something to share once when we return, so stay tuned!

the life of lily.

good vibe wall

as much as i love the suburbs and nature, i have to admit, there is way more happening in a city. check out what i found on my walk to work this morning! i love when its 8 am and the good vibes are being passed on!

life of lily

blue pattern blog 3


creating anything should never be stressful (at least in my opinion), so when i find that it is becoming stressful what do i do? i create more! i didn’t have any ideas, so i just started with lines… and lines became patterns. next thing i knew i had a full page of beautiful pattern.

life of lily.

post 2

this past week i took a moment to appreciate things that do not come instantaneously. i sat down in front of a book shelf and committed to reading something (yes- i consider art books reading). flipping through pages of famous artworks may not have been as fast paced as scrolling through my instagram feed but i loved my time relaxing and not being on the go.



we will be back next week with some fabulous new work to show off, but for now let’s celebrate troll style . . . happy fri-yay!