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the life of lily.

good vibe wall

as much as i love the suburbs and nature, i have to admit, there is way more happening in a city. check out what i found on my walk to work this morning! i love when its 8 am and the good vibes are being passed on!

life of lily

blue pattern blog 3


creating anything should never be stressful (at least in my opinion), so when i find that it is becoming stressful what do i do? i create more! i didn’t have any ideas, so i just started with lines… and lines became patterns. next thing i knew i had a full page of beautiful pattern.

life of lily.

post 2

this past week i took a moment to appreciate things that do not come instantaneously. i sat down in front of a book shelf and committed to reading something (yes- i consider art books reading). flipping through pages of famous artworks may not have been as fast paced as scrolling through my instagram feed but i loved my time relaxing and not being on the go.



we will be back next week with some fabulous new work to show off, but for now let’s celebrate troll style . . . happy fri-yay!

loveleigh’s latest: sam + dirk.

farmhouse-letterpress-thankyou-note-1 farmhouse-letterpress-thankyou-note-2 farmhouse-letterpress-thankyou-note-3


one final piece of stationery from samantha + dirk’s wedding . . . these cute and colorful thank you notes! we used the etching of their farmhouse once again and letterpressed it in fiery orange, accented with teal and plum onto cranes lettra stock. the couple wrote their notes of gratitude on the back of these little works of art and mailed them to guests in beet purple envelopes. also, i (chey) have to admit that i’m pretty excited about these lilac blooms that came from my garden today . . . yay for warm weather!

roses from reagan.

this is reagan. she is amazing. that’s all.

{this beautiful video was created by our friend + reagan’s mommy, kathryn}

reagan has cerebral palsy. through the help and knowledge of many people and organizations along the way, she has overcome many obstacles and continues to thrive as a smart, silly, beautiful little girl. as a way to give back to those who have helped their family, kathryn and her husband have started roses from reagan. please join them at their very first event to help give back and celebrate the deck opening at the desmond hotel in malvern! benefactors of the event are easter seals and st. louis children’s hospital. details below!!