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the intern’s aesthetic: letterpress


hey there lovelies!

this past weekend my aiga student club took a trip to newark, delaware to get our hands dirty at leadgraffiti. we worked hands-on with woodblock type and bold ink colors. this workshop was created in honor of h.n. werkmen and to learn about the history of typography. i had a great time stepping away from the computer and working with letterforms off-screen.

the intern’s aesthetic: anthro vibes


hey lovelies!

i had the pleasure of going to the opening of the brand new anthropologie in the king of prussia mall. let me just say, my breath was taken away by the decor and visual merchandising in the store! They have all their holiday decorations on display and it put me in the mood for the winter season. the rock candy ornaments in this photo is inspiring me for what i will do for my holiday decor (that will only be set up after thanksgiving). if you get the chance to visit kop, make sure to stop by the new urbn section!

the intern’s aesthetic: watercolor + ink.


hello lovelies!

this post is inspired by my current project in package design class. in a previous post i showed the beautiful koi fish i saw at the shofuso tea house in fairmount park. i am currently branding a tea company, sabi,  and creating packaging for different types of japanese tea. i wanted to get my hands dirty with watercolor and ink to recreate the fish i observed and try to capture this aesthetic for an american audience. i’m really enjoying stepping off the computer and working with paint again!

the intern’s aesthetic: brightening the world


over the weekend i went to the food festival in manayunk and came across these beautiful sunflowers. i was moved to tears because these flowers reminded me of how fragile and precious life is. this bloom represents seeking positivity and strength. i was reminded to live life to the fullest and bring joy to the world, just as sunflowers do. happiness is a choice and i have been reminded of that constantly these past few weeks. these yellow flowers have been cheering me up and reminding me of my dear friend who would have wanted me to live a joyous life and who brightened the lives of everyone around him.

this post is in loving memory of samuel cabrera.

the intern’s aesthetic: the smell of fall.


hello lovelies!

this past weekend i took a trip home back to good ole berks county, pennsylvania. with the beautiful, crisp weather (unlike today) we decided to take a trip to glick’s greenhouse in oley to pick out fall mums. the smell of fall was in the air at this small nursery. the beautiful mums were perfectly groomed and arranged to make a beautiful landscape. the perfect shapes of the scenery inspired me to appreciate the charm of where i grew up. it also made me truly appreciate small farms and the hard work they go through to provide such beauty to us all.

the intern’s aesthetic: i’m back!


hello lovelies!
allow me to re-introduce myself. my name is aubrey and i am the og graphic design intern at loveleigh. i am now a senior at philadelphia university and excited to be back to work with chey and dee!

these posts are going to be sourced from what i am inspired by, my everyday life, and some personal projects i am working on. i am eager to share with you my journey through senior year.

the intern’s aesthetic: invincible summer


hello loveleighs~ as summer begins to come to a close i have been trying to get outdoors and enjoy the heat as much as possible before school and cold weather returns. while hiking the other day, i came across these gorgeous coneflowers. it is truly amazing that in the midst of rocks, dirt, and leaves there is a natural pop of color. this is what i always look for when i’m outside; my eye is drawn to nature’s vivid color palette.

get outside while you can and find inspiration in the world around you. i know i am trying to make the most of this summer.

the intern’s aesthetic: collecting sunsets


happy monday loveleighs~ this past week i took a break from the city and went on a short getaway to the shore. i was able to capture this gorgeous photo of the sunset on the bay. i used my adobe color app on my phone to make a color scheme from this photo for future reference. i love taking pictures of nature and random beautiful things to inspire me. it’s nice to have a library of different colors that look good together and come straight from my environment.

the warm colors of this sunset stopped me in my tracks and transported me to another world. the sun sets every night and when you are able to witness it, just take a moment to stop and reflect on your day. collect your sunsets and think of all the possibilities the world has for you.

the intern’s aesthetic: foraging color


happy monday loveleighs! for my post this week, i thought i’d share my nature-filled weekend. i took a workshop from blueredyellow on foraging natural colors and dyeing with plants. we took a hike and learned what plants had dyeing properties. i collected ferns, acorns, black walnut, smartweed, purple basil, and other plants found right here in philadelphia! it was eye-opening to learn that we have so many things around us that create such beautiful, natural colors.

the next day, we made our dyes to extract color from the plants we collected. as you can see, i dyed a silk scarf using ferns and acorns with a shibori technique. this whole process was so much fun and i learned more about nature and my surroundings in philadelphia. all of the colors we created were so inspiring and made fantastic color palettes that i will bring into my work with loveleigh!