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the intern explores: lily of the valley cupcakery.

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to celebrate our last official day of classes, my friend and i stopped by lily of the valley cupcakery and cafe in glenside, pa. this sweet shop, which just recently opened near my school amongst the adorably quaint keswick village, was the perfect place to go for a treat after a stressful spring semester. with its multitude of decadent flavors, we found ourselves overwhelmed in the best way possible when it came to selecting a flavor. while i went with the double chocolate (no surprise there) and she went with their ever-popular strawberry shortcake, each option seemed like the right choice! the charming feel of the shop only added to its appeal as well, and its inexpensive menu made it that much more entrancing for a college student like me. it’s going to be hard not to constantly stop in for a treat during my next two weeks of finals! wish me luck!

until next time.

the intern explores: a philadelphia phillies game.

friday phillies post

this past week, i had the opportunity to attend a philadelphia phillies game with my best friends. i was born and raised in the philly suburbs, so it’s no surprise that i’m apart of the avidly enthusiastic philadelphia fan culture, but i haven’t fully invested in this individual team since their world series-win in 2008. while i did go to the game with two mets fans, i decided not to hold it against them and stuffed my face with hot dogs and sugary treats instead. not only was it fun getting outside for a while and enjoying the competitive atmosphere, but it was great to tap into the childhood nostalgia i associate with baseball games and warm weather. it brought me back to summer nights playing wiffle ball with my dad, and the carefree nature i’d find myself emerged in. within our hectic lives today, that innocent nature is often lost, but it’s something we’ve got to work on remembering. so put off your adult responsibilities from time to time in light of dancing, singing, and stuffing your face alongside great friends! it’s oddly healing!

until next time.

the intern explores: the camden aquarium.


last weekend, my school’s annual cotillion (a fancier formal not quite on the same level as a high school prom) took place at the lively camden aquarium in camden, new jersey. while i’d once visited the aquarium as a spectator when i was young, this was the first time i was visiting this space other than to view the exciting creatures found within our oceans, and it happened to be with delicious food and fun dancing. it was imperative to dance the night away with some of my greatest friends, but it was even cooler to be in such an awesome event space like this one! not only were we snacking and chatting right beside sharks and gorgeous sea turtles, but we had an incredible view of philadelphia’s skyline right across the river as well (and i took way too many pictures of it). but the most important part of the night was the way we, meaning my friends and i, put aside our hectic individual lives to enjoy being together! nights out like this are important not only for the fun you have, but for the strengthening of bonds that always come out of it as a result.

until next time.

the intern explores: bernie’s pub.


after an incredibly stressful and jam-packed last week of school, i wanted nothing more than to stuff my face in the sense of relaxation. luckily, my school is conveniently located right outside of philadelphia near an abundance of exquisite eateries, like bernie’s pub in jenkintown, so i stopped by in anticipation of a good meal. not only does their menu feature feel-good foods, of a higher quality, but the overall ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant was just the relaxation i needed. i often forget how important self-care really is, so treating myself to a delicious turkey burger at bernie’s turned out to be exactly what i needed! what a splendid stop for a date night with a loved one!

until next time.

the intern explores: the fillmore philadelphia.


i recently got to see one of my favorite performers, troye sivan, live in philadelphia for the very first time. troye, whose music resembles alternative pop icons like halsey and the 1975, has been someone i’ve watched gain popularity for years, and once i heard he was coming to our city, i immediately purchased tickets. his show took place at the fillmore philadelphia, which newly opened in replica of the original, notrious venue in san francisco, and while i was completely enamored with the performance, i also fell in love with the venue as well! while this location just opened last fall in fishtown, the space, built within an old warehouse, offers an elegant, industrial feel that’s perfect for any occasion! not only was their ballroom space perfect for live acts, but the venue is also available for private events! what a cool backdrop this would be for celebrating with family and friends!

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the intern explores: the weldon soda fountain.


as someone who loves warm weather, i’ve been taking advantage of the changing temperatures around our city to get myself ready for spring. along with cute dresses and evenings outside, my mindset has completely changed, but i decided there was an additional thing i needed if i wanted to fully prepare myself for the warmth: ice cream! the weldon soda fountain, which sits amongst the adorably historic keswick village near my school, is a place i’ve passed on many occasions, so i decided to stop in this week and haveĀ ice cream for dinner (sorry mom!) not only was this place so photogenic, but i had such a hard time deciding my order because everything looked so delicious! from fun flavored ice cream sandwiches to old fashioned milkshakes, the options were nothing but satisfying for my sweet tooth! this is a necessary stop for those in the area, and i can’t wait to go back for a treat again soon!

until next time.

the intern explores: the philadelphia flower show.


this week’s adventure had me exploring the pennsylvania horticultural society‘s annual flower show. this event, which took place at the pennsylvania convention center in center city, philadelphia, featured an exquisite array of flowers and foliage perfect for the excitement of the springtime season that lies ahead. from elaborate sets to individual bouquets, this year’s theme of “exploring america”, honoring our nation’s national parks, was the perfect adventure to celebrate my spring break! while the event shuts down for the year on the 13th of march, i’d definitely advise those within the philadelphia area to consider checking it out! it’s amazing what wonderfully stunning displays were conceived through nature and a bit of creativity!

until next time.

the intern explores: the sweet taco.


this past week’s adventure had me trying a local food place: the sweet taco. the sweet taco, which perfectly blends the fascinating combination of donuts and mexican cuisine, had always been one of those places i promised myself i’d “get around to trying”, but never actually did. while i liked to tell myself that i wasn’t ever in the mood for it, or that the right opportunity hadn’t arised, i decided to be adventurous one day and stopped in for a bite to eat. and boy, was i glad i did! not only were their entrees tasty and fulfilling, but the donuts knocked it out of the park for me! with their mouth-watering featured daily donuts list, this eatery is perfect for sweet-lovers, and i was so pleased with my spontaneous decision to stop by! it really is beneficial to try new things!

until next time.

the intern explores: wissahickon valley park.


last weekend’s excitingly warmer weather had me avoiding responsibilities briefly for a much needed breath of fresh air at wissahickon valley park. the park, which conveniently sits about 12 miles outside of center city, features beautiful hiking trails, natural waterfalls, and the valley green inn, which is a splendid stop for a delicious bite to eat. not only was this adventure a perfect way to destress from the week, but it also substituted as exercise without feeling like exercise at all! apart from the slightly muddy trails, i was able to enjoy being outdoors after being cooped up this winter, and pet an exorbitant amount of puppies along the way! but the best part was the fact that wifi was unreachable and i was able to remove myself without feeling guilty, which is something i always say i should do! sometimes it’s important to put down our devices and spend time with ourselves or loved ones when given the opportunity! the warm weather, and this trip, proved to be the perfect chance for me to finally do so!

until next time.

the intern explores: dumbo.


my most recent trip to new york city found me exploring new territory: brooklyn. new york city is somewhere i find myself frequently, but i spend the majority of my time in typical manhattan hot spots like central park and fifth avenue. i take most of my trips alongside one of my best friends, and without any sort of plan, we decided to head downtown during our last visit. while we have a bucket list specifically for the city, we had originally planned on tackling brooklyn sometime in the spring, but as we found ourselves right near the brooklyn bridge entrance with the sun shining brightly, we took the leap and headed across the river.

if you’ve never walked the brooklyn bridge before, i’d highly advise adding it to your list. while the bridge itself is a sight to see, the views from above the east river had me completely in awe, and the photo opportunities were endless! once across the bridge, we made our way towards the waterfront and stumbled upon the cutest cookie shop, one girl cookies, who’s cookies were to die for and was any instagram lover’s dream. with our snacks in hand and recommendations from the owner, our next stop found us at brooklyn bridge park. i swear i fell in love with new york all over again in that moment, and from a bench with delicious cookies, i never felt more content. dumbo (down under the manhattan bridge overpass) proved to be the perfect destination, and i’d never been happier that i decided to be spontaneous for a change!

it’s amazing how some of the best times in our lives occur without any sort of plan. sometimes it’s important that we step back from planners and appointments and just see where life takes us. i’m guilty of getting lost amidst a crazy schedule too often, but if i hadn’t embraced my spontaneity that day, i would’ve missed out on one of the best days i’ve ever had.

until next time.