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we love our mamas.


the only thing greater than having you as a mom, is our children having you as their grandmom.

we hope everyone had a beautiful mother’s day with their mothers, grandmothers & mother figures in their life!



it is so big, she looks like one of those rap guys’ {preggo} girlfriends. . . pat + i are thrilled to announce that baby lyons #2 {mini loveleigh #4} is comin’ yo way in november 2017!!



. . . or at least 12 amazing cupcakes. these sweet treats were delivered in a pretty pink box to my front door from georgetown cupcakes. after watching their show on tlc, dc cupcakes, i couldn’t wait to have one for myself! so i ordered dozen and was not disappointed! if you are a cupcake connoisseur, like myself, these are a must try!