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life of lily.

portland life of lily

i just got back from a week long road trip up to maine.  although it was a rainy week, i was able to do the things i love most when traveling: taking photos and eating. this picture just says it all.

the workin’ intern.


back to my personal project! i have been watching a lot of skillshare video tutorials and have been learning new techniques from other designers. i am eager to see how this turns out. there’s just something about that hand drawn quality i love!

the workin’ intern


another tuesday, another sneak peak of a new postable series i have been working on! and yes it is birthday themed, again. who doesn’t love confetti?!

the life of lily.

good vibe wall

as much as i love the suburbs and nature, i have to admit, there is way more happening in a city. check out what i found on my walk to work this morning! i love when its 8 am and the good vibes are being passed on!

the workin’ intern.


this tuesday i am sharing a new personal project i want to get started on. sometimes i forget to experiment and create designs for myself so i started a list of all sorts of things i would like to illustrate. i think my number one thing to work on is incorporating texture into more of my work [and of course, illustrating cacti made the list]. hopefully i stick with it!

life of lily

blue pattern blog 3


creating anything should never be stressful (at least in my opinion), so when i find that it is becoming stressful what do i do? i create more! i didn’t have any ideas, so i just started with lines… and lines became patterns. next thing i knew i had a full page of beautiful pattern.

the workin’ intern.


happy tuesday loveleighs! today is the day i tell you a little more about the postable series i have been working on. this badly wrapped cactus is a snippet of one out of three birthday cards. all three use the same color and pattern and are just as fun as this preview! don’t worry, the other two will be revealed soon enough.

life of lily: creative in the kitchen.

post 2 pic

creativity can happen anywhere and this week it happened in my kitchen. i stopped at my local farm stand, maple acres, to buy fresh and local produce. the vibrancy of fruits and vegetables inspired me to spend the day in my kitchen seeing what i could make. i settled for the perfect summer soup, gazpacho.

the workin’ intern.


happy tuesday! here it is, the beginning stages of a new project, also known as: the messy stages. i am currently working on a series of greeting cards for postable. can you guess what they’re for? i’ll give you a hint, it has something to do with that cute little cactus. can’t wait to share the rest!