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babbling brooke: thank you. thank you. and thank you.

{ quote by: john f. kennedy }

thank you mom, bob and alison for helping me get through these intense college years. i couldn’t have survived without your love and constant support. you believed in me when i didn’t believe in myself.

thank you to the rest of my family and friends for sticking by my side. because of you, my time in college was a little less stressful and a lot more fun.

thank you to cheyenne and danielle for welcoming me into loveleigh with open arms. i am so sad to see this internship end and am already jealous of your next [lucky] interns.

until next time my fabulous loveleighs!

babbling brooke: i see the light.

{ quote by: ada adams }

happy happy monday loveleighs! i hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving!

it is absolutely surreal to think that i only have 2 weeks left with loveleigh and 3 weeks until i graduate. there was a time in my life when i thought this moment would never come; that i would be in school forever. when i was scheduling my classes for this last semester i remember telling my mom, “i finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!”

my tunnel has been 23 years long, but so incredibly worth it! just know that everyone has their own long tunnel in life. in times when you feel like there is no brightness to be seen, be your own light!


babbling brooke: find your happiness. part two.


{ it is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy. – unknown } 

happy turkey week loveleighs! last monday i talked about the little things i’m thankful for; this week i want to talk about the big things — my fabulous friends + fantastic family!

pictured above are some of the best people (+ the best puppy!) in my life. i am so fortunate to have these guys + gals to create memories with.

loveleighs, i hope you take the time this week to share laughs, smiles + create memories with the ones you love!


babbling brooke: find your happiness.

{ author unknown }

happy monday loveleighs! i love this time of year because of the celebrations that are ahead! i thought this week i would take a moment to express some of the little things i’m thankful for:

– deep fried reese’s cups
netflix binges
– extra hair ties
– 90’s boy bands
– paper mate inkjoy pens
– silly selfies
– tie dye t-shirts
– cuddles with my pup, kiki
– out of this world sunsets
– abc family harry potter weekends
– a philadelphia sports team win

i hope you find happiness in the little things this season my loveleighs!


babbling brooke: don’t break your neck.

{ quote by: benjamin dover }

happy tuesday loveleighs! i finished my seasonal job this past saturday and am already starting to feel a little nostalgic. although this last month and a half has been nothing short of crazy, i wouldn’t trade the days spent with some of the most hardworking, caring individuals i have ever met.

the photo pick up booth (pictured above) has been my home for the last few weeks. here i have formed new relationships with co-workers (and zombies), gained valuable work experience and grew as a person.

change has a way of making me feel scared or sad – sad because it’s over and scary because a new journey is about to take place. i’ve slowly started to realize that it’s alright to reminisce about the past, but to not break your neck staring at it. memories have been made and more await!

these next 38 days will be filled with focusing on my internship, prepping for graduation and starting to look for a full-time job in my field….time sure does fly!


babbling brooke: don’t forget to bathe.

{ photo taken by: ali k }

happy happy monday loveleighs! this was my super accurate halloween costume this year.

who would have thought that motivation and bathing go hand in hand? the concept is pretty simple: you feel better after taking a nice hot shower or bubble bath, just like you feel better when you have a source of motivation in your life. so when you’re feeling tired or stressed, don’t forget to bathe!


babbling brooke: finding the calm.


hi loveleighs! here’s a little brookeism for your tuesday instead! something i always make time for is music. it is a big part of my daily routine. whether it be a homemade mix made by yours truly or flipping through my fave radio stations, there are always certain songs that never fail to brighten up my mood. you could say music is the calm in my chaotic world. what is your favorite song right now?!


{ quote by: donna karan } 

babbling brooke: happy heart.

{ photo taken by: michelle i }

it’s that time of the week my loveleighs – monday! with the craziness that we call life, i decided i would make a list of some of the things that make my heart happy. after hours of contemplating whether to put netflix or pizza first on the list, i realized i had only one bullet point that truly mattered:

-having friends and family who go out of their way to make me smile when i’m sad

to have another human being who only wants to see you happy is a special gift that can’t be bought in stores. if you have one of these presents in your presence, don’t take them for granted!


babbling brooke: summertime sadness.

happy happy monday loveleighs! as it feels more and more like fall, we start to feel the summertime blues. sure it’s sad when summer ends, but why can’t we look forward to the fall? here are some of my absolute favorite things about this vibrant season:

-the beautiful colors
-the cool breezes
-open windows
-the smell of bonfires at night
-comfy sweatshirts + fuzzy socks
-sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate
-the pretty seasonal decor
-football + hockey season starts
halloweentown + hocus pocus are on tv pretty much everyday
-candy is socially acceptable to eat for every meal
-pumpkin spice everything
-we gain an hour of precious sleep (the best part!)

if this list didn’t help your summertime sadness, look at it this way, we are one season closer to next summer. but be sure to soak in each seasons beauty (and extra hour of sleep)!


babbling brooke: monday motivation.


{ pictured above: some of my awesome staff from sharpshooter imaging at terror behind the walls! }

is it already monday loveleighs?!

october is by far the craziest month for me this semester – from working (and loving) my internship, managing at tbtw (terror behind the walls) and getting all of my school work done on time. i may act like a clown sometimes, but i’m not very good at juggling many things at once.

this past week i struggled to find a motivational quote that worked for me, until i thought back to when i started hiring people for terror: i came up with the idea to create a ‘motivational masterpiece’ board that everyone could contribute a quote, saying or lyric to. this board is hung inside of our booth and will be available for the employees to see when they start feeling tired or unmotivated while on the job.

that, my fabulous loveleighs, is where i came up with the concept to make your own motivation. there are things in life that we don’t want to do, but we have to. or there are things in life that we want, but lose motivation along the way. you can think of a thousand excuses to not do something or stop going after what you want, but if you make your own motivation to get you through these rough patches, it won’t be as bumpy of a ride!