the intern’s aesthetic: watercolor exploration


hi there loveleighs! i decided to get back to my fine arts roots this past weekend and play around with watercolor. here is a sneak peek at my upcoming collection of greeting cards designed for loveleigh that will be submitted to postable! i wanted to do something fun and summery with some old fashioned ice pops that I plan on pairing with vintage fonts.

i had so much fun sketching and messing around with watercolor. it is always good for me to step away from the computer and go back to paper and hand draw. it allows me to be more creative and put down exactly what is in my head. keep an eye out for my finished product!


Kathi Warren

Hi Aubrey!

I absolutely LOVE these watercolor prints! I hope they’ll be available for purchase in the Loveleigh collection!
These ice pops remind me so much of my own childhood. Often your mom and I would share a “twin pop”. It was always such a commotion to break it evenly. I was glad when the single sticks came out, or when we could have our own twin pop. I’m not sure why we couldn’t all the time. It’s not like you can get “full” on ice. If I can remember it, I wasn’t that little either so ……
Thanks again for the memories. I adore your posts. ❤️


thanks aunt kathi <3
i can completely picture this scene of the ice pop debacle...
i really appreciate all your support
xo- aubrey

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