the intern’s aesthetic: personal growth.


hello loveleighs~ aubrey here again for this monday’s addition of the intern’s aesthetic.

as a full-time employee at urban outfitters and my work for loveleigh, it is rare that i have a day off. today, however, i had my first day off in a long time. i was inspired by the rainy weekend and decided to do some gardening. i repotted succulents and an aloe vera plant in fun planters from work and started growing lemon balm in my herb garden.

all of this planting and growing had me reflect on my own personal growth. how far i have come and how far i still have yet to go. i am excited that you all will be following my journey and personal growth.

p.s. check out the lemon balm packaging by lisa perrin for the hudson valley seed library… i am loving the hand lettering and illustration. they are available at anthropologie!


Kathi Warren

Hi Aubrey!

I LOVE your blog! This one imparticular, I identified with. I don’t have much time to myself. I did find out recently in some self discovery that planting and watching another life grow does more for the soul then I could have ever imagined. The accessories that you used in this display are just darling!


hi aunt kathi, thank you so much for the kind words! xo, aubrey

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