happy things.

time to start figuring out those halloween costumes! we are always keeping our eyes out for simple and creative diy ideas for ourselves and little ones in our lives. here are a few goodies to get you started…

{a} show off your sweeter side with this cute candy corn dress, available from fred flare; {b} twist some yarn into those tresses for this killer beehive hair, idea from martha stewart, {c} how perfect is this this charlie brown costume for your little bald baby! simple how-to’s via emily mccall{d} go from 3-D to 2-D with this easy to make paper doll dress, diy instructions via spoonful{e} be sure to check out this video tutorial for step by step instructions for some festive nail art, by pickie{f} get the denim and hankerchief out for a fun, no-fuss rosie the riveter, accessory ideas by marie claire{g} we love the detailed elegance of this laser cut paper masquerade mask, by sophias galleria.

thanks to our contributor katie!

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