happy things.

we hope everyone celebrated earth day on monday in their own little way. everyone knows that we must start taking better care of our pretty planet. here are some clever products + ideas to help you reuse + regrow + recycle…

{a} turn your old wine bottles into a pretty centerpiece or chandelier, more ideas on architecture art design; {b} be eco friendly + fashionable with this bangle created from recycled newspapers from hippie kingom; {c} this clever green ave. bench collection, made of upcycled mismatching chairs is perfect for any dining table or entrance way. created by 31 & change; {d} keep your money green in this wallet constructed from an old billboard banner, from notty pooch; {e} plantable seed paper confetti is perfect for an outdoor garden wedding or party! available at nature favors; {f} these reusable + machine washable make up pads, from anne riggs designs, are perfect for your nightly face cleansing routines! {g} we just love these unique + graphic numbers recycled from old indonesian fishing boats, available for purchase from hviit.

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