happy things.

it’s the first day of march and that means st. patrick’s day is right around the corner! whether you will be hitting up your favorite neighborhood tavern for a green beer, celebrating with a shamrock shake or throwing your own party, here are a few lucky ideas…

{a} add a touch of glitter to your soiree with these adorable green adhesive mustaches from the paper card; {b} rainbows + cupcakes = the perfect st. patrick’s day treat, recipe available on sprinkles bakes (our new fave blog!) {c} skip mcdees and make your own shamrock shake, thanks to the recipe on your homebased mom{d} if you are heading out to the erin express, finish of your st. patty’s attire with these beer-tastic knee socks from fred flare; {e} omg, we are in love with these pot of gold party favors from social graces; {f} always have luck on your side with this tiny gold four leaf clover pendant, available at sevgi charms; {g} bring the emerald isle home with some mini clover confetti from papir vendage.

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