happy things.

hope you’re all surviving the 2013 flu epidemic! here are some items to get you or your loved ones through a tough few days…

{a} keep those hands germ-free with hand-in-hand’s latest lavender sustainable suds{b} help your sick buddy perk up instantly with this feel better letterpress card, by printerette press; {c} cure what ails you with this delicious ginger tea recipe by knuckle salad and print out these pretty labels here{d} relieve those aches and pains with a colorful retro cold compress, available on ebay; {e} comfort a sick friend with a get well cookie package, by the cookie couture; {f} update your dated plastic first aid kit with a more stylish red cross pouch, by becky devore; {g} stop those sniffles with this playful wooden whale tissue box, by a sparkly pony.

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