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we adore flowers and believe they truly lend to the look and feel of a wedding day! it’s summertime and lucky for you brides there are endless options available. here are some pretty petaled palettes to inspire the look your going after…

{a} a girly and glamorous bouquet can be achieved through large fluffy flowers and vintage broaches, by dillon douglas design ; {b} succulents with peacock feathers strike a uniquely perfect balance, bouquet created by the bride of this fabulous school-themed wedding{c} these multi-colored ranunculus and tiny dotted wild flowers make this bouquet feel like an explosion of confetti, by merriment events; {d} an oversized protea makes a modern statement, bouquet by bows and arrows; {e} patterned pinwheels mixed with flowers are whimsical for a laid back beach wedding, bouquet handmade by the bride and her friends; {f} a simple and graphic bouquet created with only two things, all white peonies and striped ribbon, by e.g. geddes inc.; {g} poppies and peonies with lots of loose ribbons are fun for a fiesta, by bows and arrows.

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