south africa.

hi all! cheyenne here, back from an incredible trip to south africa. south africa is my first home and i haven’t been back in 20 years. besides the amazing reunion with cousins, aunts, uncles and friends; my husband and i explored quite a bit of the spectacular natural environments from the bush to the sea. we cuddled lion cubs, fed elephants, went shark cage diving, and enjoyed way too much of the local cuisine and wine! it was tough to leave such a beautiful country, but i’m feeling very inspired and refreshed…



Beautiful photos! I especially like the pairing of the zebra stripes next to those red leaves. So pretty! Glad to hear you had a great trip.

Loosh Creations

very beautiful photos:) i have moved to live to South Africa 7 years ago from Europe. loving every minute!

Cassandra Pedersen

Hello Cheyenne, beautiful pics! I was in SA twice, once in 2005 for 2 weeks and again in 2008 for a month a half. It’s a lovely country and has a very special place in my heart. It’s great to hear when people get to visit and see how inspiring it is. And to have family there is a great bonus!

cheyenne leigh and danielle leigh

thanks cassandra! so wonderful you got there twice and for such lengthy trips. i agree that country will always hold a special place in your heart once you explore it — there’s nothing else like it.

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