here is a fun logo we designed for WAG: Whole Animal Gym. this gym recently opened in philly and is the city’s first veterinary rehabilitation center offering acupuncture, laser, and hydrotherapy treatments. they have a great little gym for dogs who might need to lose a little weight and get back on their feet. i (cheyenne) got the grand tour this week along with my 12-year old pitbull mix, milo, who had some treatment for his arthritis. he thoroughly enjoyed the special attention and just adores the owner/medical director tina! here are some pics from our visit…

the space is filled with a beautiful mural of dancing doggies.

milo waiting patiently for his turn. check out the doggie training course!

1st treatment of laser. this is used to stimulate tissues and help with muscle and arthritis pain.

hydrotherapy for restoring mobility and coordination. milo loves the water, but wasn’t too sure about the moving treadmill. he got the hang of it quickly.
later that evening…

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