coco gateaux logo.

logo for Coco Gateaux, a new cupcake bakery in philly. if you are in need of some distinctive party cupcakes, contact jane kearney (owner & baker) at 215 284 2040 or (website coming soon!!)



I highly recommend Coco Gateaux for their taste, quality and design. I have had Jane (owner, baker & designer) make her “distinctive” cupcakes a few times and have been blown away at how delicious they are and how elegant she can make a cupcake look!

The last time I had used them was for my daughter’s birthday party. I wanted something “glitzy” for a little girl but simple and delicious for both the kids and their parents. Truth be told, I was looking to impress a bit also!

Jane made her “infamous” red velvet cupcakes as well as her yummy vanilla cupcakes with her creamy, and not too sweet icing. She presented them in tall white stands, white icing piped like stars with a shimmer of “pixie dust”…..the kids and the parents devoured them and the parents are still raving about them…as tempting as it was, I didn’t take the credit (:

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